Bersani the Politician

Bersani had a particular interest in   the poorest, he stayed with them, listened to them and made note of their needs which he took to political sphere  to promote laws  that would allow an improvement in their living conditions, for example the laws for rural property and for international cooperation with poor countries. That’s why he devoted himself  to politics with bold and intelligent initiatives, for 45 years. He was a skilled mediator, respectful of the opinion of others but very determined and courageous when needed. His high and clear idealism  always earned  the respect of his politician opponents.

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Bersani the Public figure

An idea that did not find an immediate application was not acceptable for Bersani! The poor cannot wait: it was necessary to create appropriate organizations to transform  what was theoretically provided by the laws into concrete actions.

For this reason, he  founded  CEFA and the cooperative structures, and he brought about  the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Europe: which aimed to implement the support projects in poor countries.

In these structures Bersani also made his personal commitment, encouraging action and removing obstacles. He could also count on his network of relations in Italy and across the whole world.


Bersani the Man

Bersani was a man who fought for Good.

He  was a man supported by an innate sensibility, strengthened by his cultural and religious education. His deep vocation brought him to dedicate his life to others: he was a sort of secular missionary for the rescue of the poorest on Earth.

Bersani conveyed positivity, joy,  and a desire to meet and relate with the people of every social level; this allowed him to create a great network of authentic friendships where every goal became achievable.

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