Donation to the Foundation

G. Bersani

Giovanni Bersani emphasized that “making a contribution to the Foundation’s assets means multiplying the effects of aid to the poor countries of the world by three” because:
1. It will continue to bear fruit forever.
2. It will fund self-development projects in which growth generates new growth.
3. It generates collaboration within the population (for example, about 850 people worked in turns for free for their own aqueduct in Kiirua, Kenya).


Beneficiary: Fondazione Giovanni Bersani Onlus
Causal: donation of (name, surname, address)

IBAN: IT94 Y030 6909 6061 0000 0162 076 c/o Banca Prossima

Pursuant to Article 14 c.1 of Law 80/05, I contribute money to the Foundation from companies and/or physical kinds. I AM FISCALLY DEDUCTIBLE FROM INCOME IN THE IRPEF DECLARATION up to the limit of 10 percent of total income, with a maximum of 70,000 per year.

Testamentary Legacies
“Put into practice the desire to do something for others that lives forever: make a legacy to the Foundation”.

The testamentary legacies are an important source of funding for all Foundations. Every year, in fact, it is the yield of bequests that goes towards solidarity projects.

You will have the certainty that your gesture will live forever. Our founder Giovanni Bersani gave us the example, having left everything to his associations.

Making a testamentary legacy is simple, can be total or partial, and is always editable.

A SOLIDARITY (UN LASCITO SOLIDALE) LEGACY CAN BRING CONCRETE HELP FOR EVER. In fact, it will guarantee a permanent annual contribution to CEFA to support its projects.